Old Unionites Association

A Letter from 1928


UHS Boys’ Hostel
Stockenstrom St,
10 March 1928

Dear Mommy

Please write often to me, and get Daddy, and James, and Andy to do so.

I did best in a Latin Test – the first I have ever written – out of fifteen. I will enclose the paper. Our Latin master says I do my work very well. I better carry on as I have begun, as he is not sparing with “corporal punishment” when it is necessary.

There was a decent cricket-match played today; important, too!: UHS vs HVS (Hoër Volkskool) The Union High declared at 3:50 p.m., with the score at 210 for 8. The Volkskool made 145, one UHS boy taking 6 wickets for 14 runs. One of our masters possesses an “overgrown” forehead, and a “nailless” big toe, as a result of the match. A boy has had two fingers and a thumb badly bumped. It we beat Jansenville next Saturday, we shall possess the School Cup for the Middle Province!!!! That will be a great triumph, wont it???

I have joined the Boys’ Choir (newly formed by another UHS master) at the Wesleyan Church. They have a very good minister here, but I do not know his name.

I have given my name in to the Scoutmaster, as I definitely not going to PE. I passed my “Tenderfoot” on Friday, and – re: Capt.Day – I am a “full-blown private”; Therefore, as Stalky and Co. “I gloat! Tirra-lirra-lessee!! I gloat, I gloat!!!”

While I was in the Public Library today, I saw an article about Schlezingen and his enterprises. I will quote a little from it:- “Mr Schlezinger is exceedingly wealthy …………Etc.”

The cabman charged us 1/- per head, and I have 2d left from my money. That, I will give tomorrow, as Sunday-School and Church collections. I will not be able to go to evening service. Please come into town as soon as possible, as I seem to feel very homesick now, and I long to see you.

On the 21st there is to be, in conjunction with the other sports, a very good obstacle race.

Out of 11 boys at the Hostel in the secondary school only 3 take Latin. There would have been 4, but Roy had to drop it, as he got left behind his class through his appendicitis.
I have left my Bible at home, I find, so would you please bring, or send it as soon as possible.

Both my toothbrush and toothpaste have vanished; I hope you will be able to come in to town soon.
It is very hot today, and was also hot yesterday; but there is some little compensation for that, because the clouds are gathering, and it might rain.

I am, Mother mine, your loving son, Billie

PS I have given my 2d in for collection; and, this afternoon putting my hand into my pocket, what should I pull out, but : a tickey!!!!!!