Old Unionites Association

"When you become part of the Union family, it's a lifetime bond.  This is a school of many generations and deep roots.  It's not just inwardly focused, the school is investing in the wider community and the future of its current and past students.  That's what makes someone like me fly across from the other side of the world for a 50 year reunion."

Message from the Headmaster

The Union High School community is, once again, excited at the prospect of being a part of the energy of the annual Interschools clash. We are very proud of the traditions that have developed around this occasion since its inception in 1919 and we are extremely pleased to share the day with so many people who travel from all over South Africa and, for that matter, from abroad, in order to be a part of the excitement and drama that inevitably accompanies the clashes.

As always, the sporting tussles will be hard-fought and tense. All the players will be keen to end off the season on a high note. They cherish this opportunity to display their talents and to prove their mettle in front of the many spectators that attend the matches. As we wish all the participants well, we look forward to a wonderful weekend of sport and of sportsmanship of the highest order.

Union High School welcomes all visitors to Interschools 2017. It is wonderful to see so many past pupils from the schools returning to meet up with classmates and other friends. We trust that your reunions will be enjoyed by all and that you will be able to look upon this weekend back at your respective Alma Maters with much pleasure and with many fond memories. Our school thanks you for joining us, and we assure you that the efforts that you have made in order to be with us over this weekend do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Much of what makes this weekend special is a result of the friendly, festive and enthusiastic atmosphere that your presence lends to Interschools.

Our sincere thanks are extended to our sponsors, First National Bank, whose contribution to this event helps us to ensure that it remains an occasion of note for all.

William Pringle


The Mission of the Association shall be to perform whatever functions are necessary to assist the Union High School and the Union Preparatory School in the achievement of these objectives, provided that such functions fall within the framework of the Objectives of the Association.



The Aims of the Association shall be to:

  1. Seek to constantly keep abreast of the changing needs of its members;

  2. To execute all operations with integrity and in a professional manner;

  3. To provide the infrastructure which will enable the Association to communicate adequately with all its members and Branches, and to coordinate and guide the Branches without dictating to them or usurping their autonomy.



Membership of the association is available to any:

  1. Former learner of the school;

  2. Parents of current or past pupils of the school;

  3. Current or past educator of the school

For the purposes of keeping Old Unionites in touch with each other.


The Objectives of the Association shall be:

  1. To promote, foster and maintain the fellowship of its members;

  2. To keep Old Unionites in touch with each other;

  3. To uphold the spirit and traditions of the School through a spirit of service;

  4. To receive any gifts and bequests and to administer them in accordance with the wishes of the donor(s);

  5. To promote the establishment of Branches of the Association;

  6. To liaise with the various bodies forming part of the Union family in the best interests of Associations and the school; and

  7. To encourage Branches and members to raise funds.